How We Solved a “Sticky” Situation

18 Jan 2024

The Plant Popper—No More Wasted Trees

Here’s one for all the problem-solvers!

At Forestme, we're all about planting trees. And we’re constantly asking the question, “How do we plant harder, smarter, and change the game with a dash of creativity.”

Let me introduce you to our little planting assistant: "The Plant Popper".

If you’ve ever planted trees using the old tried and tested 40-cell forestry trays, you’ve almost certainly encountered a few problems.

Picture this: you're out in the field, ready to plant some green goodness. But there's a snag—the plants are stuck in their trays like a tight lid on a pickle jar or falling apart like a sand castle at high tide. Either way, pull too hard, and you've got a damaged plant. Not exactly the start we want for our future forests, right?

So, what do you do when you're knee-deep in mud and up against a wall? You use your imagination. And if that doesn’t work, you borrow an idea from someone who knows more than you. Enter the Plant Popper. It's a simple yet brilliant device—a piece of sturdy, water-resistant wood decked out with 40 screws, each perfectly aligned with the holes at the bottom of our forestry trays.

Here's how it works: you place a tray on the Popper, align the holes with the screws, and voila! The screws gently nudge the pods out, no damage done. It's like the magic trick of the tree-planting world. And the best part? This bad boy saves heaps of plants that might have otherwise become casualties in a completely unnecessary tug-of-war.

Warning: What you are about to see may result in unprecedented levels of productivity. Side effects may include a sudden boost in morale and the uncontrollable urge to high-five everyone in sight.

The Plant Popper isn't some high-tech, fancy gadget. It's a testament to the power of simplicity. A piece of wood, some screws, and a little out-of-the-box thinking turned a frustrating problem into a walk in the park.

All the planting benefits aside, the Plant Popper is in many ways about the Forestme mindset. We believe there's always a way to do things better. The Plant Popper isn't just a tool; it's a symbol of our passion and commitment to our client’s projects and getting the job done right.

So, next time you're faced with a sticky situation, remember the Plant Popper. It's proof that sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. And in the world of tree planting, that's what makes all the difference.

Curious about more ingenious solutions and tree-planting adventures? Check out Forestme for stories, tips, and a whole lot of planting action.

© 2024 Forestme®. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Forestme®. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Forestme®. All rights reserved.