How We Planted and Guarded 105,000 Trees with Just 3 People (And Yes, We're a Little Crazy)

29 Dec 2023

The Epic Challenge We Set for Ourselves

Alright, folks, let me paint a picture for you. We at Forestme decided to plant and guard 105,000 trees across 468 hectares. And get this – we planned to do it in 8 weeks with just three people. Sounds nuts, right? But here's the kicker: we actually pulled it off.

Smart Planning and a Dash of Madness
Very early into the planning phase, we realised that brute force alone wouldn’t be enough to finish the job. We had to be smart (and a bit crazy). We had to think differently, plan meticulously, and innovate like mad scientists.
Planting 105,000 trees and shrubs is easy for our crew; we’d have that done in a few weeks. But guarding them all, now that’s another kettle of fish!
Now we had all the information and the rules had been set, it was time to play the game.

The Game-Changer
One of our first "aha" moments was rethinking how we handled our tree guards. These aren't just decorations; they protect young saplings from harsh conditions and overzealous wildlife. The big problem with the guards is that they take time to build and transport around the large site.

So we came up with a 3-step process to optimise the guard-making and distribution process:

  • Assembly Line Vibes: We set up a zone for building these bad boys. It was like a mini-factory, churning out guard after guard—efficiency at its finest.

  • Strategic Drop-Offs: Instead of lugging around materials all day, we strategically placed these guards around the site using our utes and trailers. It was like setting up a treasure map of guards for our planters to follow.

  • Keep It Simple: We slashed hours off our workday by having these bad boys ready to roll. No more fiddling around in the field—just plant, guard, and go. It was like having a fast-forward button for tree planting!

Why was this effective?

  • Safety First: Less weight in the bags meant less strain on our crew's backs. We're talking about a significant drop in injury risk here.

  • Speed Demons: Lighter loads meant our team could zip through the fields like planting ninjas. More ground covered, more trees planted.

  • Precision Planting: With guards already in place, we could nail the perfect spacing for each sapling. It's not just about planting production; it's about planting them right the first time and eliminating mistakes.

Tech to the Rescue
We didn't stop there. We geeked out with some fantastic tech:

  • GPS Tracking: This wasn't just for show. We tracked our real-time routes, ensuring every inch of land got its fair share of green.

  • QGIS Mapping: These maps weren't just pretty pictures; they were our weekly progress reports, showing our clients exactly how their green investment was taking root.

  • Quality Assurance: Our Forestme Client Portal is like the Sherlock Holmes of tree planting, providing real-time updates, photos, and plant and soil quality reports—our clients have it all at their fingertips.

Mission Impossible, Accomplished
Eight weeks later, 105,000 trees were happily planted and guarded. We didn't just hit our target; we set a new standard for what's possible for small crews.

What This Means for the Future
This project wasn't just a win for us; it's a blueprint for the industry. It shows that with the right mix of crazy ideas, solid planning, and a bit of tech, even the most daunting environmental challenges can be tackled head-on.

Join the Forestme Revolution
So, what's next for us? More trees, more innovation, and maybe a few more crazy challenges. Stay tuned, and hey, why not join us on this wild ride?

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© 2024 Forestme®. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Forestme®. All rights reserved.